"and though she be but little, SHE IS FIERCE."

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Anonymous - how can i work off the calories from a cheat day? i kinda had two in a row and im feeling really guilty.

1st off, it’s ok to have a cheat day every now and again. It keeps your metabolism guessing.

But, if you’re really concerned about it, cardio is usually the best option for burning calories if you aren’t particularly concerned with gaining muscle.

Cheat days are perfectly fine. You can’t be expected to eat perfectly clean 100% of the time.

Thanks for the question, love!

you guys should ask me questions(:

A slimful commercial came on while I was running on the elliptical and it made me want to attack my TV.

It literally said, “Eating less is beautiful.”

False. Eating better is beautiful.

Things like these just make me want I throw myself out a window.

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